2017 marketing trends: Which does your business need to know about?

What’s hot

It’s that time of year when trend predictions start trending! In fact there’s so many that as a Marketing Manager, you can’t always stay abreast of them all or implement them. So I’ve picked one or two key marketing trends for 2017 from each channel that makes up your marketing arsenal – social, content, offline, and mobile. Implement even one or two of them and not only will your marketing strategy be on-trend, the experts think you’ll reap the rewards too.

Context in content marketing

Online content has featured in trend predictions for a good few years now and it’s safe to say, the experts were right! So Rebecca Lieb told the Content Marketing Institute that for 2017 context will be the next big thing to shape content. She says “They will develop methods for making highly personalized and relevant real-time messages based on triggers such as purchase history, the weather, physical location, and myriad more factors.”

Big data in digital marketing

Looking at the more technical side of digital marketing, big data is set to be a game changer in 2017. The idea has been growing for a number of years with various definitions and uses being tested. To me big data essentially uses the unprecedented amount of data that is now available to analysts to not only understand customer behaviour but to understand the world around that behaviour, so that marketing can be richer and more compelling at nuanced touchpoints. Smart Insights explains this using a game of cards.

Mobile first… in everything!

Although it’s true that people don’t tend to buy through mobile devices, we research, catch up, play, watch, plan and much more on mobile these days. Business2Community say that thanks to Google’s push on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and their new initiative to rank mobile SEO higher than desktop, you need to make sure your mobile website is as user-friendly as possible in 2017.

And the mobile trend doesn’t stop there… Mobile video and livestreaming in mobile marketing

Forbes predict, amongst other trends, that mobile video and livestreaming should play a huge part in your marketing plan next year.

2015 was the first time that mobile video gained more views than desktop videos. This is partly thanks to faster loading AMP pages, faster 4G mobile networks and the fact that watching video on mobile is less distracted than watching video on TV.

Livestreaming is already being seen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and Forbes predict that in 2017 more brands will stream live media to grow their engagement with customers. Whilst the content can be choppy and the timing of broadcast is still being ironed out, brands like BMW and Gwen Stefani are already championing the trend.

VR and AR in social marketing

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are another two technologies that have long been whispered about in marketing. But based on how Pokémon Go took the globe by storm this summer, Kit Smith at Brandwatch thinks that other brands will start being more adventurous with virtual reality and augmented reality in 2017. He’s got his eye on retailers who want to create an out-of-this-world instore experience.

1-click payments in email marketing

There was a time when email campaigns weren’t looking as sexy as social comms and apps. In 2017 email campaigns will be better than ever before. They’re affordable, measureable and personal (if you choose) and next year, not only are emails predicted to be more automated and modular, Alex Williams of Trendline Interactive thinks that emails opened on mobile will allow 1-click payments. This means your customers could shop through email without ever going to your website or in-store.

Brand magazines in offline marketing

Despite all the digital advances that are set to be made in 2017, it’s becoming increasing difficult for brands to stand out in the digital world. So some brands are reviving print in their marketing mix, with content-filled brand magazines. Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute cites Airbnb’s new print magazine as one major brand who’s making targeted magazines a valuable tool for engagement in 2017.