What percentage of traffic is driven from page one of Google?

It’s easy for business owners to claim that they’re happy when their website climbs to page two of Google. It means they can focus on client meetings or developing a new product for their business. But when you consider that 75% of people NEVER scroll past page one of SERPS (search engine results page), you can see why it’s worth focusing a huge amount of your business’ effort on getting to page one.

And when you’ve made all that effort to get to page one, it’s really worth dedicating more time to ranking number one on page one. Here’s why: the online ad network, Chitika, stated that the bottom spot (10th) on page one gets 2.4% of traffic, whereas the 2nd domain gets 17.6% of traffic. But hit the top spot and you’ll almost double that, driving a massive 32.5% of traffic to your website… kerrrching!

Road traffic sign showing a 30% incline

So, how do you get on page one, rank number one and stay number one?

Thanks to ever-changing Google algorithms and the digital work that your competitors are doing, this ideal can only happen when you use an expert blend of fresh content and SEO techniques, drawing on off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Let me explain:

Relevant content:

This is absolutely crucial for keeping your website on page one. Google regularly sends out ‘Search Bots’ to your website to seek out new content and rank your site higher. ‘Content’ can be anything on your site, like blog articles, news feeds, social media feeds, new pages, staff updates, new products, testimonials.

New website content is also a powerful tool in engaging with potential customers. People buy from people, so think of content as a conversation between you and your customer. Content warms customers up to your brand so that when they need you, your brand is ‘top of mind’, in fact 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it.

On-page SEO:

This is the programming behind your website’s glossy front that tells the search engine everything it needs to know about your website. Done right, this will tell Google your site exists, which pages to rank (and which to ignore) and how to read webpages. On-page SEO shows Google what is important on a page, like where the headline is, and to read that first before the body copy.

Off-page SEO:

Despite the name, this is all about building a site that search engines can trust. By creating content on your website that other well-respected websites (aka ‘high domain authorities’) want to link to and linking your web content to these ‘high domain authorities’, you’re essentially telling Google to trust your website and therefore rank it higher on the SERP.

Of course there are many other ways to get on page one, rank number one and stay number one, but many of our clients come to The Digital Searchlight because all this digital work takes so much time out of their business. Having experts on hand to do this work right first time is invaluable to staying on page one and getting in front of 75% of searchers.

Image from: http://www.transmission1.net/viewtopic.php?t=34830#p301676