Month: November 2016

Content doesn’t directly create sales, so why invest marketing budget in it?

Cogs working together

When marketing budgets are tight it feels counterintuitive to invest precious money in something that’s not going to directly create a sales lead. But used as part of your marketing strategy, interesting content can be seen as a long-term investment in your business’ future.

How do Google Panda and Penguin affect your website?

Panda and polar bear watching a penguin

The way Google decides what content to return when you type in a search is determined by a Google algorithm. This formula tells Google how well your website’s content matches the search query – the closer the match, the higher Google ranks your content.

What percentage of traffic is driven from page one of Google?

Road traffic sign showing a 30% incline

It’s easy for business owners to claim that they’re happy when their website climbs to page two of Google. It means they can focus on client meetings or developing a new product for their business. But when you consider that 75% of people NEVER scroll past page one of SERPS (search engine results page), you can see why it’s worth focusing a huge amount of your business’ effort on getting to page one.